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1968 Corvette L-88 ROADSTER Serial# 194678S408332

The Last of its Kind

The L-88’s were Chevrolet’s factory race cars built to end the Cobras winning streak it seemed to work Starting by winning the 12 hours of Sebring in April 1967, they continued winning races here in the US and around the world for many years thereafter. The L-88’s are considered by most Corvette fans as the ultimate… they are legendary in their racing accomplishments and performance; only 216 were made from 1967 thru 1969 before production ended.

Although this one was never professionally raced it’s a veteran of a good many open track days at places like Riverside International and Willow Springs Raceway where it lived up to its world class reputation .

Just barley streetable the racing package offered a 550 hp. 427 motor, special brakes, transmission and suspension. But the most visible difference from the standard Corvette was the unique cold air hood and sleek wide fenders that Chevrolet made to allow the big race tires to fit the cars. The brutal horsepower was impossible to control with the skinny production tires. Over the decades most were stripped of their wide fenders and neutered by reinstalling stock body work and narrow tires.

The appearance of this car has not changed since purchased 28 years ago. This is the way most L-88’s used to look when these monsters roamed the streets and dominated race tracks around the country…”a time when too much was just right”!

The highlights

  1. The original paint color of Silverstone Silver is show quality
  2. under the hood is a correct dates and numbers matching 550 H.P. 427 c.u. that’s detailed to perfection
  3. the interior is original and unblemished- sorry there’s no radio, L-88’s didn’t have them
  4. odometer shows 38k miles now, 28k when purchased in 1980
  5. the side exhaust opens and closes from inside the car- open it adds about 100 more horsepower and a thrill that’s unforgettable, closed a very civilized rumble exits from the rear exhaust , check the links to the in car video.
  6. Same owner for 28 years
  7. A driving sensation that is raw and addicting even in small doses