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The 1967 Pickett Racing Corvette

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The history of this racecar is unique in automotive history, not simply because of the races and championship that it’s won, and not because the documentation is so complete, but because it was there at the beginning of Greg Pickett’s career, a legend in Trans Am Racing. Champion of the 1978 Trans Am season in a Corvette, his illustrious racing career has spanned four decades and he’s the only driver in Trans Am history to win a race in each of those decades, the latest was July of 2005. He is still competing today, a determined and inspiring champion.

Half of a two car team formed by Greg Pickett and his friend Dr. Bill Geen this Corvette has raced in Trans Am, IMSA, SCCA and many historic race groups including HMSA, SVRA, VARA and HSR West from 1967 to 2007. Competitions include professional and amateur races at some of the most famous tracks in the country, Riverside, Brainerd, Ontario, Laguna Seca, Phoenix Intl. and Sears Point just to mention a few. Competing with legendary drivers and those that would become so, the entry lists that this car and team raced with reads like a who’s who of motor racing; Peter Gregg, John Greenwood, Hurley Haywood, Jerry Hansen, Elliott Forbes-Robinson, Bob Tullius and more.

Racing with a 427 L88 motor classified it A Production, this class was reserved by SCCA for the biggest, fastest sports cars, Corvettes, Cobras, Mustangs, Cameros, etc. Crowds in the ten of thousands flocked to tracks to watch these monsters race and to be near their outrageous thunder, they were the giants of the day! In 1978 the class was retired but this Corvette serial #194377S104044 won the Regions A Production Championship that year. Driven by its second owner Stan Laskin the #7 “Pickett Racing Corvette” earned a spot in racing history as “The Last A Production Champion” there never was another.

Dr. Geen bought his Corvette new in 1967 and almost immediately he began to modify it for competition hill climbs and auto crosses, but after the first road course event the transformation began to full racecar and has been one ever since. California was the epicenter of motor sports in the west so the engineering and development of this car was cutting edge for the day. Dr. Geen with Pickett’s engineering expertise developed his car into one of the finest Corvette racers in the country and won numerous races during his career in the driver’s seat until retiring from racing in 1976.

Proudly offered today by the third owner for nearly twenty five years I still remain friends with the other two champions that owned it. While it would grace the confines of any museum or collection make no mistake this is a race car capable of winning today any A Production race, against any A Production legal car, anywhere in the world! This champion’s pedigree identifies it as “an important car” add to this the quality of preparation, engineering and condition, and you may say it’s the best there is.

As an investment to hold for the future, a high light of a car collection or a racer that you campaign in historic competition this “American Racing Icon” is a gold standard of collectibles.